Major General Nasser Farbod


General Nasser Farbod is a prominent officer of the Iranian armed forces. His military career is among a handful spanning both pre- and post- Iranian Revolution of 1979.

At the peak of his military career he was appointed by the provisional government of Prime Minister Dr. Bazargan to serve as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces during the turbulent transitional period just after the fall of the Shah in 1979.

His life has coincided with the extraordinary events of his nation's. His love of country and knowledge combined with top-flight training and unique first hand experiences has made him into a keen observer of current geopolitical events.

He is currently a member of the leadership council of the National Front in Iran.

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A Published Biography of General Farbod in Farsi (click here to read)

A Pictorial Biography:

  1. High School and Early Military
  2. US Army Command College & CENTO Mission
  3. Iran's Army Command College / 1970s Iraq Conflict
  4. Pakistani Recognition/ President Sadat's visit / Missions to NATO & the Middle East
  5. Letter of termination from the Army ... Revolution and the Provisional Government
  6. Resignation from Bazargan's Government

Historical Perspectives:

Published Books:

Military Role

"Role of the Iranian Military in the Country's Historic Developents"
Koomesh Publications Tehran, Iran


"Asreh Este-maarzodaie"
Amir Kabir Publications Tehran, Iran

ma va este-maar

"Ma Va Este-maar"
Amir Kabir Publications Tehran, Iran

Ensaan va Hasti

"Ensaan va Hasti"

Published by Hafez Monthly Tehran, Iran


Literary Work:

~ A Collection of Literary Work -- Part 1
~ A Collection of Literary Work -- Part 2
~ A Collection of Literary Work -- Part 3
~ A Collection of Literary Work -- Part 4


An Unpublished Book:

Great Powers and Nationalism in Iran
Author: Nasser Farbod


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